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Flag American-Fringe Indoor-3x5 Flag+8 Ft Pole
Outfit includes 3x5 plain hem flag, 8 ft oak pole, 6 1/2 in. eagle ornament, tassel/cord & stand ..
Ex Tax: $209.00
Flag Outfit-Christian-Indoor-3x5 Flag/Fringe+8 Ft Pole
FLAG OUTFIT-CHRISTIAN-INDOOR-3X5 FLAG/FR+8 FT POLE Outfit includes 3x5 fringed hem flag, 8 ft oak pole, 8 in. church ornament, tassel/cord & stand. ..
Ex Tax: $209.00
Flag Set-Christian & American (36"x24")
The Christian and American flags, 3' wide X 2' high, are made of nylon. Each flag comes with an iron stand and a two-piece aluminum pole. The 73" tall, gold-colored stands are weighted in the bottom to make them tip-resistant. Because of their size and light weight, children can easily carry the fla..
Ex Tax: $299.99
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